Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 09:59 pm

After this week’s crazy snowstorms, you may ask yourself why in the world you would move in the winter. Instead of putting off your move until warm weather hits, just follow our winter moving tips to make your relocation easier.

Winter Moving Tips to Warm Up Your Move

Start Early

We realize it’s chilly out in the mornings, but winter means that it gets dark early. For your safety and ours, Brothers recommends starting earlier in the day to promote visibility. Also, when the sun is out, it helps keep movers warmer. The sooner we get started on your move, the faster you can bundle up and enjoy your new home.

Don’t Neglect Hydration

Though drinking lots of fluids may seem more of a summery tip, it’s important to stay hydrated during your move. If you can’t seem to bear water on chilly days, choose hot water with lemon and honey or hot tea to keep you warm. The H2O goodness will keep you from becoming dehydrated, and the heat will keep you toasty warm.

Skip the Heat

Wait…what? Yes! People will be in and out of both properties and door will most likely be left open. Save on your utility bills by turning off the heat while you’re moving.

Find a Sitter

Extreme weather can make kiddos and pets a bit cranky or anxious. It’s also helpful that they aren’t underfoot during your move. If you’re worried about keeping them out of the way, be sure to arrange for a sitter. It’s also beneficial because you know they’re away from the extreme temperatures.

Create Safe Spaces

Sidewalks and driveways can become slippery in winter conditions. If you’re worried about icy conditions, consider investing in a melting agent to prevent falls during your move. You can also use sand or salt as a “natural” alternative.

Confirm Your Move

Weather can be a significant issue when it comes to moving. Call to confirm your move one week in advance. If you expect wicked weather, it’s also helpful to touch base a few days ahead of time, too. Though Brothers is experienced in moving in various situations, it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to dangerous weather.

Whether you need moving, packing, or storage solutions this winter, know that Brothers Moving and Storage makes that possible. We offer professional experience and exemplary customers service. Get your free quote today!