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We provide free moving quotes to give you an idea of what your relocation is going to cost. After gathering more information, we can then give you an accurate estimate to fully understand your costs. At Brothers, it is our mission to making the moving quote process as easy as possible. Additionally, we will get your quote done quickly so you can move forward with your relocation.

Estimating your Moving Cost

Brothers Moving recognizes that choosing a moving company is challenging. Because of the challenges, we listed tips below to help you make your decision.

Researching Your Move Options

Please make sure to research the credentials and reputations of moving options. Also, long-distance movers need to have federal authorization from the FMCA to move any items across state lines. As an agent of National Van Lines, you can expect us to move across state lines without any problems! Furthermore, compare package prices to see what services they offer. A reputable moving company will have a direct point of contact that is easily accessible during your move.

Factors in a Moving Company’s Cost

These factors can influence the cost of services

  • Moving Day:  Booking close to moving day will cost more than if you booked three months prior. Summer and spring are also the busiest times of the year.
  • Driving Distance: Expect to pay more for any long-distance trip. 
  • House Size and Belongings: Unless a small apartment is full of expensive items, a small apartment will usually cost less than a four-bedroom house. 

Additional Moving Services

At Brothers, we offer a variety of moving services to complete your moving experience. 

  • Packing and labor costs: Packing is one of the most exhausting aspects of moving. Let us do it for you.
  • Moving Protection: We offer different liability packages to ensure the protection of your it
  • Storage Costs: Do you need temporary storage solutions? We can take care of it for you!
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Whether you’re looking into a residential move or a commercial move, Brothers Moving & Storage provides our customers with quality service they can rely on. With almost two decades of moving experience, our management team knows what it takes to make a move successful. We combine quality service and experienced teams to enhance our customer’s move.

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