Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 09:06 pm

If you’re an adult and you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you have moved at least once in your life. However, working with professional movers and doing everything yourself are two separate things. We’re here to share some of our favorites tips on how to make a move easier on your movers…and yourself!

Tip #1 – Don’t Make Your House An Obstacle Course

We’re in shape, but we’re not sure we can handle a “Wipeout” style home.

Also, we get it. Moving is messy. However, when we are trying to maneuver heavy, awkwardly shaped objects throughout your home, it’s easier if you have an “organized mess.” Not only does it make it easier for us to pack up your items, it’s also a safety measure. Obstacles can create dangerous opportunities for slips, trips, and falls.

Tip #2 – Pack For A “Vacation”

No matter how well your boxes are labeled, it’s going to take some time to get through them. We recommend packing a suitcase similarly to what you would if you were going on a weekend getaway. This bag should include:

  • changes of clothes and undergarments
  • toiletries
  • medications
  • device chargers
  • money

Tip #3 – Get Out The Permanent Market

When Brothers handles your packing for you (interested? get your free quote here), we carefully label boxes with the room and the box’s contents. Why? If you don’t need to unpack your guest room for a few weeks, you won’t go through those boxes first. It’s a time saving measure that helps both you and your mover. If you choose to pack yourself, take our advice: buy a permanent marker and do the same. It definitely makes the unpacking process a lot easier.

Tip #4 – Know Your Stuff

Literally. When you’ve got a list of your belongings, it makes the move go a lot more smoothly. Whether it’s an entire box of vintage shoes or a tiny picture frame of your kids, it’s important to know what’s being moved. That way we know if anything is misplaced accidentally.

Tip #5 – Cash Or Plastic?

When you work with a professional mover, we recommend determining payment arrangements ahead of time. In today’s age, we have the convenience of technology to accept credit card payments onsite. However, it’s still important to make sure you know where your wallet is during the move. Make sure you keep it in a place that’s accessible to you.

Tip #6 – No, YOU Take The Nice Stuff

Seriously. If you have valuable items, whether sentimental or monetary, we recommend keeping them with you. Belongings such as cash, paintings, jewelry, expensive electronics, antiques, and documents with personal information need to stay with you. It provides both you and your mover peace of mind during your relocation.

Tip #7 – Let’s Keep It Clean

Unless you’ve hired a professional company to clean up after your move, don’t let us pack up your cleaning supplies. Set aside a small tote of towels and disinfectants, so you can clean after we’re gone. We also recommend having access to mops, brooms, and a vacuum.

(we can also set you up with a post-move cleaning service…find out more here)

Tip #8 – No Time Like The Last Minute

A fourth quarter Hail Mary is stressful in any sporting event. Don’t put yourself in the same situation with your move. Work with your Realtor to provide ample time for move-in/move-out. It’s important not to back yourself into a time crunch, especially when someone else is waiting to move in.

BONUS TIP – Become A Photographer

Electronics can be one of the most frustrating things to put together after a move. If you have multiple cables and cords (or even difficult-to-reassemble furniture), snap a picture of the cord layout on your phone. It makes for an easy reference later!

Did these tips on working with professional movers help you out? We certainly hope so. When you’re ready to work with the pros, give Brothers a shout! We provide complimentary estimates on all of our services.