Last Updated on: 5th February 2022, 02:58 am


You’ve made the decision to move, started researching your moving options, and decided what you’re taking and what you’re donating before you go. What’s the next step? It’s time to start packing! While your Amazon addiction can definitely help your quest to acquire moving boxes, you should make sure you are getting the right types of boxes for your move. Did you know there were many different kinds of moving boxes?

Read on to see what’s out there and what you might need to complete your relocation!

12 to 14-inch boxes

If you are purchasing moving boxes, this size is most commonly known as the small box. These boxes are easy to handle by one person, and perfect for things like books, kitchen items, and small electronics.

14 to 18-inch boxes

The 14 to 18-inch box, also generally considered the medium-sized moving box, is the most common size box with which to move. They stack easily, can generally be handled by just one person (depending what you are packing in it), and can fit things like bedding, pots and pans, common household tools, and toys.

18 to 24-inch boxes

The largest size of the standard-issue cardboard moving box, these boxes can handle your bigger household items like pillows, clothing, and stuffed animals. A common mistake made with these large boxes are to pack them full of small items, which will actually make it heavier and more difficult to lift on your own. Keep in mind larger containers take up more room in your moving vehicle, so only use large boxes if your items won’t fit into a smaller moving box.

Flat-panel TV boxes

Moving your flat-panel TV should involve more than just a blanket and a prayer. We recommend using a flat-panel TV box, which come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Using this specialized box is perfect for protecting even the most delicate OLED screens. Using the right box for your television is only one part of the equation though, wherever your boxed TVs end up during the move, make sure they’re near more lightweight objects—remember, even in boxes, TVs are still fragile and care needs to be taken with their transportation.

Wardrobe boxes

One of the most clever and useful moving boxes out there, a wardrobe box acts like your portable closet! A steel bar across the top allows your hanging items to be transported while still on the hanger, saving you from having to fold and box those items of clothing.

Dish and glassware boxes

Also known as china boxes, these specialized moving boxes have extra insulated bottoms and cardboard or foam inserts to keep your fragile items safe and separated. These boxes come in all difference sizes, and are all designed to maximize the usable space within the box.

Telescopic boxes

Think of a big shoe box to fit your large items like mirrors, golf clubs and vases, and that’s what a telescopic box does. They easily open and close, but have an interlocking feature to make sure your box doesn’t open while being transported.

Lamp boxes

Like telescopic boxes, lamp boxes allow you to pack and move cumbersome items, but lamp boxes won’t offer as much protection as telescopic boxes. A lamp box is perfect for a tall floor lamp that you want to back and move affordably.

Remember that when it comes to moving all these boxes, a reputable moving company like National Van Lines can get the job done safely, swiftly, and affordably. And, if you don’t have the time or inclination to gather your own boxes and pack, we have a great solution for you: we offer packing services at reasonable rates.