Last Updated on: 5th February 2022, 03:28 am

Pets are family members and they deserve special care when you are preparing to move. Getting your pets ready for moving is a process, but it doesn’t have to cause either you or your pets anxiety. Here are some tips for a stress-free move.

Picking Out Your New Home

Consider your pets when deciding on your new location. Make sure the area feels safe, and that there are no stray or vicious animals in the neighborhood which could harm or stress your pets. Take the needs of your pets into consideration when looking at home interiors. Is there enough space for an active dog to play? Are there enough appropriate places for litter boxes? Is there space for your large fish tank? When considering the layout of your new home, the ASPCA suggests creating vertical space for cats with shelving, and looking at your dog’s individualized needs. For example, if your dog has issues with house training, choose a home where you and your pet can easily access the outdoors.

Keep Your Pets Away from the Action

Animals are very sensitive creatures and can sense when you are stressed. Consider having your pet stay with a familiar friend or family member while your possessions are being packed. Keeping your pet away from the action will also reduce the risk of injury or misbehavior. If your pets stay with you as you prepare to move, stick to your usual walking and feeding routine, and keep them in a quiet and calm area to reduce confusion.

On Moving Day

Vehicle trips can be stressful for pets who are not used to travelling. The ASPCA recommends preparing your pets slowly for moving day by acclimating them to pet crates or carriers and taking short drives, so they get used to being in the car. Making their carrier a welcoming, friendly place will reduce stress and anxiety when you reach your destination. Don’t forget to play with your pets and make them feel welcome when you arrive at your new home together!

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