Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 09:24 pm

As we’ve discussed before, moving businesses is a bit different than moving residences. One of the biggest differences is the type of furniture that’s moved between businesses. We’re here to share some our easiest tips for moving office furniture.

Moving Office Furniture Tip #1: Hire A Professional

In addition to avoiding having to pay your employees overtime or risk someone becoming injured, hiring a professional team like Brothers guarantees several things. First, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured. In the unlikely event that anything is damaged or misplaced, you’re covered.

Secondly, our professional team moves businesses just like yours every day. You wouldn’t ask a plumber to do a root canal! Allow your employees to focus on what they do best…helping you run your business smoothly.

Finally, make sure you choose someone with commercial moving experience. Not only is the environment different, the materials are, too. Our professional packing services streamline the process so you’re spending less time moving, packing, and unpacking. We can even help put together cubicles and other pieces. Best of all, Brothers offers complimentary quotes for all of our services.

Moving Office Furniture Tip #2: Make A (Floor) Plan

Do you have access to the floor plan of where you’re relocating? If so, it definitely comes in handy! Whether you’ve hired professional movers or you’re doing the work yourself, creating a drawing of where you want your belonging helps to make the process easier. This can be accomplished in a few quick steps:

  1. Label each piece of furniture with a number or letter using a sticky note. We recommend starting with large pieces such as desks or tables.
  2. Using the drawing of the new space, indicate where each you would like the items placed in the new space.

This is also helpful when moving belongings inside of furniture, such as filing cabinets. If you remove items from a piece of furniture, simply label the box with the corresponding furniture piece. For example: old client files could be labeled “Filing Cabinet 3.”

Moving Office Furniture Tip #3: Keep It All Together

If you choose to disassemble your office furniture before your move, we have the perfect solution for avoiding a headache later: a resealable baggie and a sticky note. Why? The worst thing you can do during a move is to try to reassemble your furniture, only realize that you’re either missing a screw or that they’re are mixed in together. Place the hardware for each piece in separate baggies, identified by a sticky note on the inside of the bag.

We hope these tips for moving office furniture have helped you organize your commercial move a bit more. Don’t forget that Brothers also offers commercial storage solutions. Find out more here.