Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 09:53 pm

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of say about the timing of your move. Work or school may not allow you the luxury of picking your day. If you do have the flexibility to choose, there are several reasons that spring is a fantastic time of the year to make a move.


Springtime is generally a milder, more temperate time of year. Packing and loading boxes in the heat of summer is a serious chore, and doing it in winter can be freezing. Get your heavy lifting loaded and done during the more pleasant spring months and you can enjoy your summer cooling off at the pool, or indoors in the air-conditioning!


Summertime is the peak popular time for people to move, and that means we get extra busy at Brothers Moving & Storage. When our calendar is full, we often can’t schedule a summer move exactly when you need or want to go. Plan ahead and move in spring when calendars are more likely to be open and you’ll have a much greater chance of getting exactly the move dates you want.


While some families consider summer to be the best time to move because the kids are out of school, sometimes it’s better to have them busy during moving day. If they are at school, you won’t have to keep tabs on them while you oversee things at home, and they will be out of the way of movers coming in and out. If you’d still rather have them be part of the moving process, you can always choose to plan your move during spring break.


The real estate market is usually quite busy in the spring. Many sellers want to sell and buyers want to buy before summer. It’s also the time of year when curb-appeal may be at its best due to spring landscaping beginning to bloom and green up post-winter. If you are selling a home as part of your move, springtime is usually a great time to be on the market, and as a buyer, you’ll typically find a larger number of houses available for sale.

If your plans allow the freedom to choose your moving day, spring ahead of all the summer movers and contact Brothers Moving & Storage to get your move booked for spring. You’ll be happy you did when the heat of summer rolls around!