Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 09:52 pm

When it’s time to move houses or businesses (haunted or not), there are certain items a professional mover can’t move. Why, you ask? Well, it’s not because they’re possessed – it’s simply because it’s unsafe. In honor of Friday the 13th and Halloween, Brothers Moving and Storage provides several scenarios where your pro mover might give you a look of horror.

Items a Professional Mover Can’t Move: Why They Say “Booooo” to Your Belongings

Hazardous Materials

If your belongings are potential toxic or dangerous, your moving team coordinator might say no to transporting your items. Propane tanks, gas cans, and paint are just a few items on that list. Most moving vehicles aren’t climate controlled, which can create hazardous situations. Additionally, in the event of an accident, flammable or combustible materials may ignite.


We don’t want your move to turn out like some horror B-movie flick. Maggoty meat is gross! Moving teams will not transport perishable items such as meat, dairy products, and frozen items. Nasty smells from perishables permeate our trucks like a graveyard. Also, you risk contracting food-borne illness from ingesting spoiled food. You can choose to donate or trash those items.



We love pets. However, moving can create a stressful situation for your furry family members. When their fight or flight instinct kicks in, pets can get spooked and become aggressive. Your pet will be far more comfortable with you or a close friend during your move. Additionally, professional movers can’t take the risk of your pet escaping. To protect both our moving teams and your pets, it’s preferable to transport furry friends separately.


Again, this is because most moving trucks do not come with climate control features. Extreme temperatures can easily kill plants. If it’s alive, we can’t move it. But we don’t want that to sound like we’re willing to move dead stuff, either.


If you’ve got millions of dollars in jewels, cash, haunted paintings, vintage wine, and other valuables…plan to move those items on your own. There are transportation companies that specialize in moving high-end valuables in a more secure manner. As much as we’d love to help, most relocation companies cannot provide the necessary security those items deserve.

Though we aren’t trying to ghost out on your moving business, we do recommend taking these boo-boo’s into account before your relocation. To get a free quote on our services (that won’t make you scream with shock), contact Brothers today.