Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 08:26 pm

On last week’s blog, we talked about all of the essential equipment needed to make a residential move so much easier. But what about when you switch businesses? We’re here to help you identify the required equipment for commercial moves.

Skip The Boxes.

Wait, what? No boxes? Yes, that’s correct. No boxes. While boxes are convenient and sturdy enough for most residential moves, packing up a business is completely different. Our packers take the time to secure your items in sturdy, reusable plastic totes instead of boxes. More often than not, business moves have heavier items (think lots of files, books, or electronics). These totes help get the office moved more efficiently. Here are some other reasons we use totes for commercial moves:

  • Each tote has built-in wheels. That means there’s never a reason to set an empty box on the wheels to pack it and repeat the process. This rolling capability means never having to pick up a heavily loaded box. These wheels help streamline the commercial moving process. Instead of  securing them on a separate dolly, you’re able to simply stack the totes and go.
  • Totes are more secure. You have the ability to lock them. This is particularly helpful for companies transporting documents, trade secrets, or other materials that need to be kept confidential.
  • They are weatherproof.  The contents inside are sealed from water, dirt, mold, and other means of destruction.

Knock, Knock!

Once you’re in your new location, the Brothers team knows that you need to get working as soon as possible. That’s why we utilize door, floor, and blankets as protection for your furniture and business. You don’t have time to repaint scuff marks, shampoo up dirty footprints, or buy new furniture. We understand you’ve got to get your clients taken care of as soon as possible.

We Wheel You Into Your New Business

Dollies make our lives, and your move, so much easier. While Brothers utilizes several types of dollies in residential moves, the mainly utilize our big, four-wheeled dollies for commercial moves. Why is that? Simply put, commercial items are usually bulkier and heavier. The four-wheeled, or furniture, dollies can handle more awkward shapes and heavier loads. That makes these ideal for moving businesses.

Vehicles Are VIP

Commercial moves are heavy duty, which means a heavy duty vehicle is necessary. Often, with businesses, our team needs to move expensive, specialty equipment. As part of your consultation, we evaluate the items you plan to transport to your new location. Our goal is to provide you with the best vehicle for the most to prevent multiple trips or damage from jostling.

Your goal is to get your business back to normal in the shortest amount of time possible. Part of that process is hiring a company who is able to accurately determine the required equipment for commercial moves. The team at Brothers knows how to make your business move simpler. 

If you’re in the market for a commercial move, be sure to contact us for a complimentary quote.