Last Updated on: 5th February 2022, 03:30 am

If your possessions are important enough to put into long-term storage, which means paying a long-term bill, then you must proceed cautiously when preparing and packing them. Here are some tips and tricks for ensuring that the things you love most get the most care.

1. Decide if these really are the things you love most. 

It’s hard to decide what to keep and what not to keep. Close your eyes and imagine that your house is on fire. You have ten minutes to save your most valuable possessions from being reduced to ashes and rubble. What will you keep? Well, these are the things you want to put into long-term storage.

2. Use your space wisely.

Long-term storage is not inexpensive real estate: every inch counts. Accordingly, you must arrange your items with this in mind. First, keep in mind, you have already saved space by getting rid of the possessions you would not have pulled from your burning house. Now, consider your biggest items first. You might consider taking your bigger furniture apart, assuming there are no permanent hinges.  In fact, disassemble every item you can. Stack chairs seat to seat and place your largest items against the wall. Also, now is the time to stock up on boxes as they stack nicely against the wall.  Finally, you know that game Jenga, the one where you take a turn removing one block at a time and hope it doesn’t all come crashing down? Pack accordingly. If you pack Jenga-style, then you will have plenty of space. Oh, and make sure you leave yourself a nice path so you can reach your items.

3. Don’t forget to clean out the fridge. 

Make sure you give this appliance a deep clean before putting it in storage. Oh, and don’t forget to get defrost your freezer beforehand. Also, consider putting bleach or baking soda in whatever cleaning solution you are using to keep your appliances smelling fresh.

4. Make sure to take good care of your clothes.

You don’t want to just throw these in a garbage bag, but make sure you have washed your clothes. Then, put them in a plastic container that has a clip-on lid, and make sure it’s on tight.  You might also consider cedar balls to keep out moths, and to keep your clothes smelling as if they have been freshly laundered, not mildewed and musty.

5. Pack your china and crystal as if handling a newborn baby. 

Go to the craft store and get felt sheets to place in between the plates. Now, when it comes to storing the plates, don’t put more than 6 to 8 in a box or Tupperware container. If you are dealing with extremely fragile pieces, then consider wrapping them first in felt and then in bubble wrap. And don’t forget to place these in a well-balanced place: Don’t take any risks!