Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 08:25 pm

Properly wrapping up breakables is always one of the more nerve-wracking parts of packing up for moving. Broken dishware is frustrating, especially if it’s part of a set. Brothers Moving and Storage is here to help make sure you’re packing dishes and glassware the right way.

First Steps

You can purchase a specialty box called a dish pack. It’s a heavy duty corrugated box with double walls. It provides more protection and durability than regular boxes.

Layer #1

  • Line the bottom of the box with crumpled newsprint to provide a cushion
  • Start with the heaviest items first (such as plates). Place the one plate on top of the newsprint, offset to one corner. Roll two sheets of newsprint on top of the plate, repeating until you’ve stacked four plates. Fold the outer edges towards the middle to make sure all the plates are covered with paper. Place the plates in the box vertically [].
  • For packing bowls, simply follow the same technique as above.
  • Fill in any “holes” with crumpled paper

Layer #2

  • Since the first layer of dishes is already fairly heavy, opt for less heavy items like toasters or small slow cookers.
  • Create an additional layer of cushion with several more crumpled sheets of newsprint.
  • Again, fill any open spaces with paper.

Layer #3

  • This layer will contact glassware and other breakables.
  • Again, make a layer of paper cushion between the second and third layers
  • Starting in one corner of the newsprint, tuck one corner into the opening of the glass. Carefully roll the glass up into the paper, creating a cylinder. Do not lay the glasses on their sides. Place them standing up.
  • Again, make sure to fill in any holes with (you guessed it!) more paper. You don’t want the box to rattle at all.

Final Steps

  • Seal the box with packing tape. Mark on the exterior “Fragile” and indicate which end should face up.

We hope this has helped you to get an idea of how to safely and effectively pack your dishes and glassware. However, don’t forget that we offer convenient and competitively priced packing services, too. You can reach us by calling (432) 214-0048 or filling out one of our convenient contact forms.