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Where Is San Angelo?

San Angelo is a city within Tom Green County, TX, and within the Concho Valley region, located close to West Texas, near the Permian Basis and the Chihuahuan Desert. It’s home to the historic Fort Concho, a former United States Army installation. The current city of San Angelo was founded in 1867 when the US government built Fort Concho.

The city is called “oasis in West Texas,” which describes it perfectly because it is known for the beautiful scenery with plenty of areas to explore while still reaping the benefits and accommodations of a city, making San Angelo a great place to live. There are endless things to do for all ages, making this a family-friendly community. At first, it might seem like the area is just a bunch of land, but as you get into the heart of the city, there are breathtaking lakes and gorgeous homes.

While there are plenty of opportunities within the city of San Angelo, if you want to explore one of the big cities is San Antonio. It is approximately 210 miles and about a 3 hour and 10 minute drive from San Angelo to San Antonio, TX.

If you don’t have a car, that’s okay because there is a good public transportation service called Concho Valley Transit District, so there are ways to still get around town, to the grocery store, and most importantly, to your job.

No matter where you are right now, click if you need directions to San Angelo, TX.

San Angelo Population & Demographics

The population of San Angelo is 99,893, which is up from 93,200 in the 2010 Census. If you love nature, it’s a great place to call home. While San Angelo is not the largest area in Texas, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of things to do.

There are plenty of notable people that lived in San Angelo, TX, but here are the two that stand out!

Fess Parker: he was an actor that was best known for his roles as Davy Crockett for Disney and Daniel Boone for an NBC series.

Elmer Kelton: Elmer is a well-known local journalist and writer and received the Owen Wister Award for lifetime achievement.

San Angelo demographics:

  • 48.17% White
  • 3.85% African American
  • 42.35% Hispanic
  • 1.64% Asian
  • 3.56% Biracial
  • 0.14% Pacific Islander
  • 0.29% Native American
  • Gender Breakdown: 50.1% female and 49.9%
  • 6.52% Foreign-Born Population
  • Median Age: 33 years old
  • Educational Attainment: 85.9% graduate high school, and 25.1% of people in San Angelo has their bachelor’s Degree

The overall crime rate in San Angelo is 3,493 per 100K people, which is 24% higher than the overall crime rate for the State of Texas. However, most of that is property crime and in fact, the violent crime rate in San Angelo is 16% lower than in the State of Texas. Thus overall, San Angelo is a safe place to live.

The San Angelo Police Department works hard every day to protect and serve this community. There are 180 sworn officers and 33 support personnel.

Cost of Living in San Angelo

According to the cost of living index, San Angelo is a cheaper place by 18.4% compared to the national average.

From the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to make $77,416 to live comfortably in San Angelo. Use this calculator to get the information you deserve before making your decision to move.

Here is a list of typical items and what they would cost within the San Angelo area.

San Angelo, TX Living Expenses (source, Numbeo):

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant $11.50
  • Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) $4.38
  • Milk (regular, 1 gallon) $2.99
  • Bread (1 loaf) $2.00
  • Oranges (1 lb) $1.57
  • Apples (1 lb) $1.64
  • Beef Round (1 lb) $5.19
  • Eggs (regular, 12) $2.00
  • Average Cost of Gasoline per gallon $2.88
  • Fitness Club (Per Month, 1 Adult) $39.33
  • Average San Angelo utilities per month: $192

According to the median price for a home in San Angelo is $230,000. This is up about 5% from the previous year. There is a wide range of home price options that can fit just about any budget. You have luxury multi-million dollar homes and plenty of beautiful homes around the $300,000 range. Click here to see some of the San Angelo homes for sale.

According to RentCafe, San Angelo’s average rent for an apartment can range from $640 up to 1,050+ depending on the size and location.

San Angelo Neighborhoods | Where to Live in San Angelo

Here are a couple of the best neighborhoods to consider moving to in San Angelo:

The Bluffs

Located in the western part of the city, the Bluffs is a place where real estate is consistently growing in value, so if you want to invest in an area that will provide a profit, you should consider this neighborhood. Plus, this is a family-friendly area, so if you want to settle down, it’s the best neighborhood.

Santa Rita

If you’re looking to live near the heart of the city or are looking for a home with a one-of-a-kind design, then the neighborhood of Santa Rita is a great option.

College Hills

Even though College Hills is on the smaller side for a neighborhood with college students, it’s still a great place to call home. The houses are well kept and affordable.

San Angelo Weather & Climate

When the spring and summer months hit, you can expect the temperatures to rise quickly. It’s not uncommon that from April through October to be between the high 80s and into the mid-100s, and the climate is hot and humid.

Then from November through March, the temperatures get as low as 58 degrees during the day and as high as 71 degrees, and the climate is cold, dry, and windy.

If you don’t like the heat, we recommend that you visit San Angelo during the fall and winter months.

In San Angelo, TX, you can expect 13.5 inches of snow per season and an average rainfall of 21.23 per year. We do advise that you be aware of hurricane season. It can run from June to November, with the height of the season being from August to October.

Things to Do in San Angelo

There are so many things to do in San Angelo. Whether you like to shop at one of the shopping centers: The Shops at Stadium Park, Sunset Mall, and Southwest Plaza Shopping Center, or hitting the town looking for fun ways to spend the day, you will find it in San Angelo. Here are the best activities to try out:

San Angelo Nature Center

The Nature Center here in San Angelo is where you can see and learn about animals native to the Southwest. Everything from bobcats, skunks, hissing cockroaches, snakes, turtles, lizards, scorpions, and more!

Plus, you have an option to adopt an animal or take an interpretive tour. It’s a family-friendly activity that’s perfect for all ages.

San Angelo Nature Center, 7409 Knickerbocker Rd, San Angelo, TX 76904, (325) 942-0121


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Railway Museum of San Angelo

All aboard! Come learn more about the history of the Railway Museum and partake in an interactive living history experience!

Railway Museum of San Angelo, 703 S Chadbourne St, San Angelo, TX 76903, (325) 486-2140

San Angelo State Park

Hiking, camping, bike riding, horseback riding, and fishing are just a few of the many activities you can partake in at the San Angelo State Park. The beautiful landscape will make you never want to leave!

San Angelo State Park, 362 FM 2288, San Angelo, TX 76901, (325) 949-4757


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Additional Places To Visit In San Angelo

You will find 56 beautiful and family-friendly parks and facilities throughout the city of San Angelo. To get more involved with the community of San Angelo, TX.

San Angelo Restaurants

Texas is known for going big or going home, and it’s true in the food scene. There are so many delicious options to choose from that you’ll never run out of ideas. Here are some of the most popular restaurants in San Angelo.

  • Cork & Pig Tavern: Cork & Pig Tavern provides a one-of-a-kind service and dishes grade-a wood-fire pizzas, gourmet salads, and entrees. Along with a delicious, carefully selected wine, beer, and cocktail list that will compliment your meal.

Cork & Pig Tavern, 1407 Knickerbocker Rd, San Angelo, TX 76904, (325) 227-6988


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Additional Restaurants In San Angelo

Jobs in San Angelo

When it comes to job industries here in San Angelo, TX, manufacturing and food processing will be the top. But if you want to look at an industry that provides the most jobs to residents, it would be the Goodfellow Air Force base.

The average hourly rate is $15.33, which comes to 52,000 per year before taxes, according to Payscale. Depending on the job and the industry, your take-home salary can be different than the number we mentioned above.

Within a 25-mile radius of San Angelo, here are the available jobs on Indeed. If you’re looking for a city job, click here.

San Angelo Schools

The school district for San Angelo is the San Angelo ISD, and they are above average when it comes to schools in the state. Here are a few of the schools:

If you’re interested in attending college, here are some schools close to home: Howard College (2-year community college), Angelo State University, Abilene Christian University, and Howard Payne University.

There is a public library that’s called, Tom Green County Library System where you can check out books, audio, and digital items.

San Angelo Statistics & Information

  • Square Miles: 61.92
  • County: Tom Green
  • Zip Codes: 76901-76906, 76908-76909
  • Area Code: (325)
  • Time Zone: Central Standard Time (CST) and Central Daylight Time (CDT)
  • The Closest Airport: The closest airport is San Angelo Regional Airport, and it’s 10 miles away from the heart of the city
  • Elevation: 1,844 feet above sea level

Map of San Angelo, TX

Explore more restaurants, amenities, and attractions to discover with this map of San Angelo.

Pros & Cons of Living in San Angelo

  • Pro: A wide variety of restaurants, shopping centers, and activities to partake in
  • Pro: Not too big and not too small, just right
  • Pro: Delicious foods and gorgeous views
  • Con: Hot and humid during the summer
  • Con: Hurricanes can happen

Moving to San Angelo, TX

Are you considering a move to the beautiful city of San Angelo, TX? Brothers Moving & Storage is here to help provide you with the best moving service in San Angelo. Call us today at (432) 000-0000 for a free estimate!