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The city of Midland, Texas was first established as a stop on the Texas and Pacific Railway in 1881. It was called Midway Station because it was about halfway between Fort Worth and El Paso. In 1884, the name changed to Midland when the city got its first post office because there were already Texas towns named Midway.

The county seat of Midland County, Texas, Midland is in the Southern Plains with a small portion extending into Martin County. It’s located on Interstate 20 between Dallas and Paso, and is the home to the Permian Basin, where oil was discovered in 1923, and the largest oil production region in the United States. It also served as the country’s largest bombardier training base during World War II, after which a second boom began after the discovery and development of Spraberry Trend, which is still the nation’s third-largest oil field. Permian Basin produces a fifth of the country’s natural gas and total petroleum output.

Midland is nicknamed the “Tall City” and is known for the impressively tall downtown buildings you can see for miles as you approach the city as well as its oil and gas development. Former President George W. Bush has referred to the city motto, “The Sky’s the Limit”.

Midland is home to a long list of professional athletes, actors, authors, and politicians. Author Stephen Graham Jones was born in Midland. It is also the hometown of former First Lady Laura Bush, and the one time home of former Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Midland, TX Population & Demographics

Midland44 Skyline

Midland has a population of 138,549 people, with about 1862 people per square mile. The people of the city are called ‘Midlanders’. The city covers a little over 74 square miles. The population is evenly distributed with about 51% being males. The median age in the city is a young 31.7, which is slightly below the Texas median age of 35.1.

The race and ethnicity of Midland demographics are split fairly equally between white and Hispanic origins, with 45% being white and 44% being Hispanic. Blacks make up 7% of the population while Asians make up 2%. The European and African ancestry of the population includes about 10% German, 7% Irish and 7% English, and 5% American. The Hispanic ancestry is 93% Mexican and 1% Cuban, which explains why 32% of Midland residents speak Spanish at home. The Asian ancestry is more mixed, including 21% Chinese, 18% Burmese, 16% Filipino, 14% Indian, and 10%$ Vietnamese.

The residents of Midland enjoy a median household income that is 1.3 times higher than the state median, at $79,329, and median home values of $219,500, which is about 25% higher than the median home values for the entire state of Texas.

About 85% of the population have graduated high school while just under 29% have earned a bachelor’s degree.

Midland, TX Neighborhoods | Best Place to Live in Midland

Trinity West – Close to the Trinity School of Midland

Nearly a perfect square of streets within Midland, Trinity West covers about .04 square miles and has a population of 204. Median household income If you’re looking for the best places to live in Midland, Trinity West should top the list of neighborhoods to consider. Many families in Trinity West send their children to the Trinity School of Midland, about a half-mile away.

Barberdale – Near Brookshire Village and Hollandale Heights

Barberdale neighborhood is a small rectangular corner of Midland consisting of about .12 square miles and just under 1,000 people. The median household income of Barberdale residents is $69,671 and the average home values are $168,886. For those who rent in this neighborhood, rent prices are slightly under the rest of Midland at $1,166 per month compared to $1,214.

Grassland Estates – Best Neighborhood for Families with Kids

Located in the northwest portion of Midland, Grassland Estates is among the safest neighborhoods in Midland and easily accessible as it’s surrounded by three major thoroughfares, Highway 191, Wadley Ave, and Loop 250. Family homes in this neighborhood range from 2,100 to 5,000 square feet and have three to four-car garages. The Homeowners Association amenities for residents include two swimming pools, a wading pool, and a clubhouse. Scharbauer Elementary and Abell Junior High are both located in Grassland Estates within walking distance to the homes in the neighborhood.

West End – Affordable Neighborhood with Low Rent Prices

West End is about .6 square miles and is home to 1,676 people. The population of West End is pretty evenly distributed between white and Hispanic or Latino residents, with 48% being white and 44% being Hispanic or Latino. The median household income is about $52,000, which is lower than most of Midland, but rent prices are also more affordable than the rest of Midland, averaging $868 per month compared to $1,214. The Museum of the Southwest is located within this neighborhood, as well as the Blakemore Planetarium and Midland Downtown Farmers Market.

Cost of Living in Midland, TX

When you are thinking about moving to the city you’re probably wondering how much it costs to live in Midland. You’ll be happy to know that many things cost less than the national average in Midland, making it easier for single parents to raise their families, and possible for more people to buy a home, take a vacation, and spend money on dining and entertainment. Midland is an affordable place to live for anyone looking to establish themselves in their career, put down roots, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

The average monthly utility bill in Midland is about $188.20 per month.

Midland Typical Living Expenses

The average cost of groceries and living expenses in Midland is about 3% lower than the national average. Here is a list of common purchases and what you can expect to pay according to numbeo:

  • Gallon of milk – $3.75
  • Dozen eggs – $3.16
  • Bread – $2.35
  • McDonalds Meal – $8
  • 12 oz bottle of coke – $1.95
  • Head of lettuce – $1.45
  • 12 oz bottle of imported beer – $2.06
  • Gallon of gasoline – $2.13


State Income Tax – Texas doesn’t have individual income tax and instead generates revenue from property and corporate income taxes, sales taxes, and use taxes.

Sales Tax

  • Texas State – 6.25%
  • Midland County – 0.50%
  • Midland – 1.25%
  • Districts – 0.250%
  • Total Sales Tax Rate – 8.250%

Texas is 12 out of 50 for the highest sales tax rate in the United States.

Property Tax

The property tax rate in the city of Midland is 0.367189% per $100 of assessed value.


Thinking about moving to Midland, but worried about the crime rate? Like all US cities, Midland experiences some crime but there are many safe neighborhoods in Midland. The safest places to live in Midland include areas near Route 158, N. Garfield Street, N. Midland Drive, State Loop, W. Wadley Ave, Greenwood, W. Wall Street, Ranch Rd, and Frontage Rd. The Midland Police Department serves the city and is committed to making the city a safer place and improving the quality of life for all residents.

Is it safe to live in Midland? The following information reflects official Crime numbers reported to the FBI in 2020:

  • Criminal homicide – 12
  • Rape – 86
  • Robbery – 53
  • Aggravated assault – 470
  • Burglary – 419
  • Theft – 2383
  • Motor vehicle theft – 411

Your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime or property crime in Midland is 1 in 36. This is the same as for the entire State of Texas.

Midland, TX Weather & Climate

You won’t need your snow boots, skis, or sled when you move to Midland. The city has a dry, desert-like climate with over 266 days of sunshine per year. The summers seem to last forever and tend to be hot, with temperatures reaching 102°F. If you like it hot, you’ll love the hot season between early June and early September. If you get overheated in the summer months, you’ll want to spend your time inside with the air conditioning.

While it’s downright sweltering from June to September, the average temperature in Midland is a very comfortable 65°F. The winters, if you can call them that, are short, cold, and windy. The temperatures during the cold season are around 34°F, so while you won’t have much opportunity to sleigh ride or cross country ski around the city due to the lack of snowfall, you may want to keep a warm winter coat around for a few days when the temperatures drop.

Things to Do in Midland, TX

Take advantage of the wide variety of things to do in Midland. Everywhere you look, you’ll find cultural and historical attractions centered around the history of oil and the city’s involvement during World War II.

Top Midland Attractions

Entertainment/Arts/Museums & Arts


  • Permian Basin Petroleum Museum – Interactive exhibits that demonstrate the 230 million years of history of the oil industry.
  • Midland Army Air Field Museum Hangar – The museum exhibits the artifacts and history of the largest bombardier training school in the country during World War II along with the impact of West Texas in the war, including George H.W. Bush.
  • Museum of the Southwest – Museum in the 1934 Turner Mansion that showcases the region’s art, culture, archaeology, and science.

Parks & Outdoors in Midland

  • Washington Park – Park on E. Indiana Ave featuring a playground, exercise equipment, tennis, baseball fields, and a basketball court. The public pool has giant slides that rival a water park and a winding lazy river.
  • Beal Park – Large outdoor park with a playground, lighted skate park, sports facilities, a fishing pond, and an off-leash dog park.
  • Hogan Park – a 620-acre park offering a playground, lighted baseball fields, horseshoe courts, croquet courts, grills, picnic tables, and a dog park.

Shopping in Midland

  • Midland Park Mall – a casual shopping mall with over 90 retail stores, a food court, and full-service restaurants.
  • Cornerstone Shopping Center – Strip mall with a salon, gun store, gym, restaurants, Starbuck’s and more.

Midland TX Places to Eat

The Garlic Press

Featuring an eclectic lunch and dinner menu and the city’s most extensive wine list, The Garlic Press offers a constantly evolving menu so you can get something different every time you visit. Choose your butter steak topper from the cowboy butter, lobster truffle butter, and toasted blue cheese butter – among others.

2200 W. Wadley Ave #6, Midland, TX 79705, (432) 570-4020

Venezia Restaurant

The goal of owners Karen and Carmine is to bring authentic Italian cuisine to the Permian Basin. The menu features fresh seafood, steak, cocktails, and an award-winning wine selection. Venezia also provides small and intimate meeting spaces for private gatherings and indoor or outdoor spaces which can seat up to 300.

2101 West Wadley Avenue Suite #20, Midland, Texas 79705, (432) 687-0900

Dos Compadres Mexican Restaurant


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When you want authentic Mexican dishes and margaritas, Dos Compadres Mexican restaurant should be your first choice. Their homemade green chile sauce and giant portabella mushrooms are famous around the city. Dos Compadres also offers catering.

2200 W. Wadley Ave, Ste 1, Midland, TX 79705, (432) 203-6490

Real Estate

The real estate market in Midland is trending up 6.7% year-over-year, with the median listing home price at $320,000 as of December 2021, with a $157 price per square foot. Houses typically spend 54 days on the market and it’s currently a buyers market as there are more properties for sale than there are buyers.

The average apartment rent price in Midland is $1,086 per month according to rentcafe.

Midland Schools

There are three public high schools that are all part of the Midland Independent School District, the Midland High School, Legacy High School, and Early College High School. Depending on where you live in Midland, some students attend schools in the Greenwood Independent School District, just outside of the city. Some families choose to send their kids to one of the three charter schools, Richard Milburn Academy, Midland Academy Charter School, or Premier High School.

There are also several K-12 private schools in the city, including Trinity School of Midland, Hillcrest School, Hillander, Midland Montessori, Midland Christian School, Midland Classical Academy, and St. Ann’s School.

After graduation, many students remain in the city to attend Midland College, which offers 50 associate degrees and certificates to more than 6,000 students each semester. Midland College is also one of just three community colleges in the state to offer bachelor’s degrees in applied technology.

For students looking to become physician assistants, the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Permian Basin Campus offers the physician assistant program on the Midland College campus and offers a master of physician assistant studies following 27 months of academic and clinical training.

Jobs in Midland

The average salary for people working in Midland is $77,000 per year according to Payscale. The best places to work in Midland include:

  • Chevron – and oil and glass production company with a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on Glassdoor
  • HEB – one of the largest independently owned food retailers in the nation, rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
  • ConocoPhillips – largest independent exploration and production oil and gas company with a 4.1 out of 5 star rating
  • PepsiCo – beverage leader with a 4 out of 5 star rating

The city has a number of job opportunities here, or you can click here if you’re looking for other jobs in Midland.

How to Get Around Midland, TX

Most people in Midland have cars and drive themselves to and from work and for running errands, but there are several shuttle services, rideshare services, taxis, Uber, and EZ-Rider public transportation with six bus routes through the city.

Traffic is generally light throughout the city with higher congestion during peak hours. There is parking available all over the city, including downtown where the streets are lined with two-hour, free parking spaces.

The average commute to work is 25 minutes. If you need to travel from Midland to Dallas it is 330 miles away and a 4 hour and 45 minute drive.


Sports are a major part of Midland life with many professional athletes coming from the city. Midland is home to the Midland RockHounds, a Texas minor league baseball team, the West Texas United Sockers, an American soccer team, and the West Texas Drillers, adult tackle football.

Midland College has won 20 national sports championships since 1975 and produced 192 All-Americans.

Living In Midland Pros & Cons


  • Winters are short and mild so you don’t have to worry about shoveling out of snowbanks
  • Some areas of the city have higher crime rates so be sure to research the neighborhood you plan to live in
  • There are many houses for sale in Midland to choose from
  • You don’t have to pay state income tax in Texas

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