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Gardendale is a census-designated place located in Ector County, TX. If you need to drive into town, the nearest big city is Odessa which is 16 miles away, and other nearby towns are Midland, Andrews, and Stanton.

While there might not be an official town phrase or motto, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good place. Being one of the best places to raise your family due to very little crime, Gardendale is an upcoming place to live. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official incorporation date for this city, but from public records, it shows that they’ve been a part of the census since 2000.

Due to the flat ground, it’s known for being a good place for ranching, particularly with cattle. Since it has a smaller population, it’s a close-knit community.

While there aren’t many celebrities from Gardendale, TX area, there are two that stand out. The first being Woody Harrelson who’s best known for Zombieland and the Hunger Games. And the other actor and musician are Jackson Rathbone, best known for Twilight and the Last Airbender.

Gardendale Village Population & Demographics

The population of Gardendale, TX, is 1,819. Currently, it’s only 11.49 square miles. Even though it’s a small city, don’t let that deter you from deciding to move here. Each year, the town keeps growing, and it’s one of the best places to start a family.

When it comes to the percentage breakdown between men (49%) and women (51%), it’s pretty even, and the median age is 28 years old. If you move to Gardendale, the average household income is around $82,000 per year.

Here is a breakdown of the demographics in Gardendale:

  • 81% White
  • 17% Hispanic
  • 2% Biracial

The crime rate is lower than the national average. It is essential to note that Gardendale is close to Midland, TX, which does have a higher than average crime rate, but this city is still considered a safe place to live.

This city itself doesn’t have a sheriff or police department, but Midland, TX, provides law enforcement services to the area. The Midland Police Department has 39 sworn patrol officers that work full time to help serve and protect this community.

Cost of Living in Gardendale

Gardendale is an affordable place to live and is cheaper than the average throughout Texas. The cost of living is 10.4 percent lower than the national average.

Is everyday living like groceries expensive in the small city of Gardendale? Based on Midland, the nearest city, Numbeo lists some of the current prices that you can expect to pay.

Gardendale TX Everyday Expenses:

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant $12.83
  • Milk (regular, 1 gallon) $3.75
  • Bread (1 loaf) $2.35
  • Apples (1 lb) $1.74
  • Eggs (regular, 12) $3.16
  • Average Cost of Utilities (per month) $171.23
  • Average Cost of Gasoline per gallon $3.24
  • Average Apartment Rent (3 bedroom) in City Centre $1,700
  • 1 Pair of Jeans $42.91
  • Fitness Club $26.25
  • Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) $13.90

With a family of four, you’ll need an estimated income of $87,000 to live comfortably, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

The median home price in Gardendale is $417,000, which is $42,100 higher than the national average. If buying a house isn’t something you’re interested in, you can expect to pay between $950 and $1,700 per month. You can lower your monthly rent if you plan on having roommates.

Gardendale Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Gardendale

Here are some of the finest neighborhoods in Gardendale to consider living in:

Gardendale is 20 miles away from Midland, TX. If you need to head into the city, click here for driving directions.

There are plenty of beautiful brick homes on acres of land in Gardendale, TX, for sale.

Gardendale Weather & Climate

During the spring and summer months, Gardendale gets hot and muggy, and the temperatures can get up to 95 degrees during the day and 70 degrees at night. During the fall and winter months, it’s cloudy, snowy, with gusts of wind, and lots of rain, while the temperatures can get down to 58 degrees during the day and 33 degrees at night.

Since the temperatures can fluctuate during the day, keep the essentials in the back of your car: a jacket and hat for the cold months and plenty of sunscreen and water for the scorching hot days.

Things to Do Near Gardendale

Gardendale has fun activities for all ages where you can be with family and friends while making lasting memories.


With specials throughout the week, a state-of-the-art arcade, delicious food and drinks, billiards, and 32 bowling lanes to choose from, there is endless fun at Bowlero. They even throw legendary parties for kids of all ages.

5320 W Loop 250 N, Midland, TX 79707, (432) 689-9725


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The Little Gym of Midland

For the last 45 years, The Little Gym has provided one-of-a-kind experiences to kids. It allows them to come and explore, work on their physical development, and even build relationships with fellow kids in their classes.

4400 Loop 250 Frontage Rd Suite 103, Midland, TX 79707, (432) 689-0800

C.J. Kelly Park

C.J. Kelly Park is a tourist attraction known for its recreation area with a variety of sports fields, gym structures for kids, a pond for fishing, a grill, a walking track, and concession stands– an ideal place for all ages. It has 66 acres with endless possibilities of fun.

5500 League Dr, Midland, TX 79707, (432) 685-7356

Additional Places To Visit Near Gardendale

There are 31 parks to choose from, and the Parks and Recreation Division works hard to keep them looking nice.

Even though Gardendale doesn’t have any community-specific events, there are plenty of fun activities in the nearby city of Midland, TX.

If you love to shop, you will have plenty of options to visit: Target, Cornerstone Shopping Center, Kohl’s Maurices, Lane Bryant, and The Pink Pug.

Top Restaurants Near Gardendale

Food is the thing that helps to create community and bring people together. Besides making sure a neighborhood is safe to live in before moving, people will often look at the food scene. You don’t have to worry because Gardendale, TX, has endless restaurant options.

M & M’s Carnival Foods

Who doesn’t love carnival food? The answer is there’s always something for everyone to LOVE. You don’t need to wait for the local fair to roll around. M & M Carnival Foods brings all of your favorites to you. Everything from street corn, brisket burger, tacos, bbq plates, and mouth-watering funnel cakes.

3315 N Loop 250 W, Midland, TX 79707, (432) 558-001

Grub Burger Bar

Delicious, mouth-watering, yummy, juicy, and full of flavor are just a few ways people describe Grub Burger Bar here in Texas. Even with two locations, they strive to know each of their regulars by name so that when you come in, it feels like home.

4400 Midland Dr #500, Midland, TX, 79707, (432) 789-1855


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Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant

Here at Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant, you will only receive authentic Mexican food. As America’s #1 Mexican Restaurant, they continue to grow. Their food is delicious, one-of-a-kind and nothing like you’ve tasted before!

2908 Loop 250 Frontage Rd, Midland, TX 79707, (432) 685-3335

Additional Restaurants In Gardendale

Jobs in Gardendale

According to payscale, the median hourly rate based on a yearly salary is around $37 an hour. In the state of Texas, there is no income tax, but they charge a high sales tax rate at 8.25%.

Out of the 1,819 residents, 768 of them have jobs, so there is a higher percentage of unemployment compared to the national average.

Gardendale Schools

Schools here in Gardendale take place under the Midland ISD school district. They work hard to provide excellent education with a wide variety of campuses based on personal needs, and there are even options to go to specialized schools like a STEM program.

If you’re interested in attending college, there are plenty of terrific driving options nearby: Midland College, Odessa College (2-year community), and The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

There are no libraries in Gardendale, TX, but there are two public libraries to visit in Midland, TX.

Gardendale Statistics & Information

  • Square Miles: 11.49 square miles
  • County: Ector
  • Zip Codes: 79707 and 79758
  • Area Code: (432)
  • Time Zone: CST (standard time) and CDT (daylight time)
  • The Closest Airport: Midland International Air & Space Port and it’s located 21 miles away from Gardendale, TX
  • Elevation: 2,966 ft

Map of Gardendale

Explore more activities, great food to try, and find the next beautiful hike to accomplish with this city map!

Pros & Cons of Living in Gardendale

  • Pro: Most homes are on a couple of acres of land
  • Pro: Being one with nature
  • Pro: Great place to start or raise a family
  • Con: It’s a small city, so you will need to go into bigger cities like Midland to eat out, shop, have things to do around town, and go to school.
  • Con: Not many residents

Moving to Gardendale, TX

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