Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 09:08 pm

Many people don’t know what to expect from a move, so it can be difficult to assess the right steps to take. However, the professionals at Brothers Moving and Storage in Midland, TX, are here to answer some of the most common moving & packing FAQs we receive.

You Asked, We Answered: Moving & Packing FAQs

How Do Moving Estimates Work?

A representative of Brothers will estimate the weight of the items you’re moving and how much you’ll be moving. Not only does this help to set a cost estimate, it helps us to determine if we will require any specialized equipment and how many professional movers will be needed for your job.

Is It Cheaper if I Pack Myself?

There are pros and cons to self packing. Even if you choose to pack your own belongings, we recommend that you:

(1) do not overpack any boxes, or they will be too heavy to move easily;

(2) use quality packing materials to prevent breakage.

Additionally, if you pack yourself, it’s harder for us to determine if we caused any damage to your belongings or if they were improperly packed. You can read some of our tips on how to pack glassware and other breakables here.


Is There Anything You Can’t Move?

Unfortunately, there are some items we can’t help you move. Explosives, flammables, firearms, and pets are some of the belongings we can’t move for you. You can read more about the list here.

What Does It Mean to Be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

While you can read more in detail about those items here, we carry insurance and a bond for both your protection and ours. Moving can carry a certain set of risk and it’s important to protect your belongings. Additionally, the state of Texas requires all professional moving companies to be licensed within the state.  Make sure you don’t hire an unlicensed crew!

What Should I Pack and Move Myself?

In addition to the belongings mentioned above, we recommend that you move any valuables – whether monetary or sentimental, cash, documents, pets, plants, and artwork. While we’re happy to show you how to securely move those items, we feel that some belongings are better in your hands.

Why Can’t You Move Food?

There are several reasons, but the most common is that while we strive to stay within timelines, we can’t guarantee them. Moving perishable items can not only cause a mess when they thaw or cool, but it also increases the risk of food-borne illnesses if they have sat out too long. Our blog has a list of ideas for you on how to clean out your fridge before a big move.

Do you still have more moving and packing questions for us? Give us a call or set up a complimentary estimate with Brothers. Whether you’re moving your home or business, we make relocating much easier.