Hellllllooooo  three-day weekend! Have you been planning what you’re going to do for months? Unfortunately, sometimes those plans you 3-day weekend plans fall through. Instead of being disappointed, Brothers has you covered with our last minute Memorial Day party ideas. Keep reading for some great tips on throwing a memorable Memorial Day bash!

Send Out A Mass Invitation

Social media is a great way to find out people’s plans during the holiday weekend. Send out a group message (or just a bunch of text messages) to find out who is available. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t go out of town.

Keep Things Simple

Make plans for an early morning grocery store run. Instead of spending the weekend cooking and preparing. Choose simple ingredients such as chips and dip, grilled chicken, fresh corn, baked potatoes, fruit kabobs, or s’more to keep things easy. However, remember that any dairy-based dishes should be kept refrigerated or on ice to avoid spoilage. Nothing ruins a good party more than food poisoning!

Go Potluck

If several people will be in attendance, ask everyone to bring a little something. To avoid everyone bringing the same things, be specific and ask guests to bring a side dishes, dessert, or appetizer. This is a great way to spread out the workload. It’s also a very Southern (and definitely Texas) tradition to never show up to a party empty-handed.

Decorations, Schm-ecorations

Decorations, which are often only used seasonally, don’t have to be time-intensive to be show stopping. In addition to wasting a lot of time, lots of fancy decor can waste a lot of storage space when it’s time to put it up. Opt for festively-colored table clothes and utensils to give your party a patriotic feel. You can also plant petunias or a mixture of geraniums, lobelia, and verbena, which all come in red, white, and blue shades. That way, you can enjoy the patriotism all summer long!

Something For The Kids

If you’re hosting a party with children, it’s important to make sure they’ve got something to do. Simple ideas such as a chalk station, water balloons/guns, or something as simple as turning on the sprinkler is usually enough to keep children occupied.

If you’re feeling particularly industrious (and perhaps have some leftover cardboard boxes from a recent move), we suggest one of these cardboard box forts. If you need boxes, just give us a call!

All of us at Brothers want to wish you a safe and happy Memorial Day. We honor all of those who sacrificed their lives for our great country. We will always remember your bravery.

Happy Memorial Day!