Last Updated on: 3rd February 2022, 01:15 pm

Happy birthday, America! Independence Day is full of fun, food, friends, family, and fireworks. Today, we’re sharing some July 4th safety tips to make sure that your holiday is both enjoyable and safe.

Made In The Shade

Each year, hundreds of people die from heat-related incidents. The most unfortunate part about this is that many can be prevented. Make sure that your Independence Day bash has plenty of:

  • shade, whether from trees, tents, or canopies
  • air movement, whether from a natural breeze, fans, or swamp coolers
  • a cooling “station” that includes water, a mister, or a place to cool off

Drink Up

Be wary of how many alcoholic beverages you and your guests are consuming. While they can be a refreshing way to enjoy the weekend, they can also dehydrate your body. Be sure to alternate adult beverages with plenty of plain water.

Don’t Say No To H2O

Again, whether you’re drinking alcohol or not, it’s important to increase your fluid intake. This is particularly important if you are exposed to the sun and heat of the summer. Your body’s water decreases, as you sweat more frequently during hot weather. Replenish it by drinking lots of water!

It’s A Bit Buggy

Flying and biting insects are often unwelcome guests at outdoor summer functions. They’re drawn in by food scents, light, and, sometimes, people themselves. However, some guests might be allergic to insect bits and stings. Be sure to provide bug repellent and citronella to help deter them. Additionally, strong fans can prevent bugs from flying nearby (though it’s not a fool-proof option).

Boom, Pow!

Fireworks safety is a MUST on July 4th. Here are a few safety tips (you can read more at the National Council for Fireworks Safety website):

  • Keep water nearby for any fires that may occur.
  • Have a responsible, sober adult supervise all activities with fireworks.
  • Never re-light a “dud” firework.
  • Don’t smoke around the fuses.

Avoid Pet Panic

Pets are often terrified by the activities on the 4th of July. Not only are there many new people in their environment, the loud noises from fireworks might frighten them. Be sure to keep pets indoors and away from any fireworks display. Additionally, it’s incredibly important to make sure all pets have on collars and tags with your information. It’s actually preferable to make sure your pet also has a microchip, as well.

Brothers wishes you a very safe and happy 4th of July! Let freedom ring!