Last Updated on: 5th February 2022, 03:30 am

Moving can be exciting, no matter what stage of life you are in. Whether you are 18, finally branching out on your own, or 70 and ready to downsize, settling into a new home is the start of a new stage in your life.

As a friend or loved one of someone who has recently moved, it can be thoughtful to welcome recent movers with a housewarming gift. But it can be difficult to come up with the perfect idea, and different gifts are appropriate depending on the type of move. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

For the teenager on his own

For young adults moving out on their own for the first time, practical items are important. These youngsters may have gotten a few starter items from mom and dad, but they are still in need of a lot of items to get settled in. Think of items that every household needs, but the cash-strapped teenager may not buy on their own. Options include:

  • Coffee maker or Keurig
  • Gift card for groceries
  • A basic toolkit
  • Kitchen tools

For newlyweds in love

Like first-timers, newlyweds are looking for items to build their dream home. The couple may have spent time living on their own and may have practical items to contribute, so think of items that are nice to have or may be considered a splurge by a couple who is trying to budget. Try:

  • Houseplants
  • A bottle of wine and wine glasses
  • Flowers and a vase
  • Picture frame (bonus if you have a picture of the couple)
  • Personalized welcome mat

For the cross-country movers

Cross-country movers likely have most of their household needs. They may have done some downsizing for practicality purposes in moving. Think of items that may have been left behind and special ways to replace them and items that will connect them to the home they are leaving behind. Here are a few gifts to consider:

  • Special food items (i.e. high-quality olive oil or cheese)
  • A state shaped key holder (either a reminder of their old state or a welcome to their new one)
  • Gift card for dinner

For the elderly couple looking to downsize

If you are looking to downsize, the last thing you want is something that will clutter the house. Practical items that will get frequent use are essential. These include:

No matter what you choose, your gift is sure to be appreciated by your loved one. Use our list as a guide and keep the personality of your loved one in mind.