Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 10:02 pm

Moving is usually tough on everyone, especially children. The fear of the unknown can be a significant cause of anxiety for them. One of the biggest sources of nervousness is the thought of attending a new campus. Since we’re about to start the new semester, here are a few tips on helping kids adjust to a new school after a move.

Introduce Them To Their New Teacher

If you weren’t moved in time to attend a traditional Meet the Teacher night, contact your child’s school to arrange a separate meeting. Most teachers will happily set aside the time to help a new student.

Come Up With A Plan

Most children experience anxiety about new situations. Ask your child to help you devise a morning routine to practice. Starting about a week before school begins:

  • rehearse getting up earlier;
  • make a meal plan together;
  • choose outfits for the week;
  • practice the route you plan to take each day.

Many children thrive on routine, so creating one ahead of time can alleviate their nervousness.

Meet the Neighbors

If you live in a neighborhood with other families, try to meet some of them. If your child knows someone attending the same school, it can help them feel more comfortable.

Stock Up

School supplies and new clothes are often one of the most anticipated parts of going back to school. Allow kids to pick out something special that makes them feel confident about starting school. Whether it’s a new outfit or a unique pencil, a small gesture can help ease their minds.

Stay Positive

Moving in itself is stressful. While you may be overwhelmed with boxes everywhere, remember that it’s important to keep your cool. Your kiddos can pick up on your behavior, so choose calm, reassuring words and actions to soothe them.

Start a New Tradition

Since you’re living in a new house, ask your children to help you come up with a back to school tradition. Whether it’s a special treat or reading a new book together, creating a new family custom gives them something positive to associate with school and their new home.

Crash Early

Be sure they get plenty of sleep the night before school starts! Cranky kiddos aren’t usually positive thinking kiddos.

Brothers Moving and Storage wishes all of the parents, teachers, and students a positive, educational school year. We’re available for complimentary quotes on all of your moving, packing, or storage needs – even if your move is after the kids head back to the classroom.