Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 09:31 pm

Once you’ve finally moved into your new home, you know that money can be a little tight. However, with Halloween looming, you don’t want to miss out completely. We’re here to share some tips on how to enjoy Halloween on a budget.

Decorate On The Cheap

We realize you’re probably still unpacking your boxes. However, if you still have them sitting around, throw old sheets over them and tape on some black construction paper “eyes.” It’s a great way to cover up the moving boxes. You can also tell people the “ghosts” came with the new house.

Dollar and discount stores often have hauntingly good finds for less than you might expect. You can find all sorts of inexpensive decorations, party favors, and treat bags.

Go Digital

Instead of wasting money and trees (the horror!) on paper invitations to your paranormal party, go digital! Services such as Punchbowl or Evite are excellent ways to get the word out without wasting time, money, or postage.

Recycle…Or Upcycle

When you’re getting “back on your feet” after a move, it’s important to use what you have available to you. Choose several sizes of pumpkins as yard decor. These pumpkins are haunted on Halloween and can be reused for Thanksgiving as harvest decor. Even better yet, if you don’t cut them, they can likely even last into Christmas. Check out these fun ideas!

Ask A Friend

If you’re interested in hosting a party at your new home, consider asking a few reliable friends to co-host with you. This option gives you the chance to enjoy a party and still save money since your resources and efforts are pooled together.

Go Homemade

There are SO many ideas for fun costumes that you’re able to make at home. If you’re looking to get some of your old moving boxes out of the way, we found these cute ideas to get rid of them. Talk about creative!

Timing Makes All The Difference

Opt for an “eerie afternoon” or “creepy cocktail” party. Choose to hold your party mid-afternoon or later in the evening after dinner, instead of during peak mealtime hours. You can still host a devilishly delightful party without having the hassle and expense of cooking a full meal.

Netflix And Halloween

Instead of a huge undertaking with elaborate costumes, plan a ghoulish movie night. Invite friends over for an old-fashioned scream fest with candy, popcorn, and sodas. This is also especially helpful after moving in. You just need two functional, unpacked rooms: the television room and a ready-to-go bathroom.

We certainly wish you a very fun and haunted Halloween. Don’t forget, we offer free quotes on all of our moving, packing, and storage services…even if they’re in a haunted house!