Last Updated on: 5th February 2022, 03:39 am

Brothers Moving & Storage is dedicated to serving our customers with expert moving assistance. We also want to do our part to make any move as eco-friendly as possible. With that said, we present a follow up (part one is here) on how to make your move as eco-friendly as possible.

Plan Ahead If Possible

By planning your move ahead of time, you’ll have more opportunities to go through your belongings and decide what you want to keep. Each item you donate, give away, or dispose of removes the need for packing material, handling, and even fuel to transport it.

Not only does it reduce packing supplies and fuel, but it also saves you time on the other side of the move. You’ll find fewer boxes to open, less stuff to organize, and less mess to clean up. It can really pay off in both time and ecological footprint.

Stock Up on Packing Supplies

Start stocking up on boxes as soon as you know the move is going to happen. Every box you save reduces the need for a new one. You can even hit up local businesses for their discarded boxes.

Don’t limit yourself to just stocking up on boxes. Start keeping packing material like bubble wrap and newspapers as soon as you can. Even envelopes can help you stay organized during a move, so think twice before disposing of anything that could help.

Buy Recycled Boxes

If you’ve tried to get all of the used boxes you can together for your move but still come up short, don’t worry. You can be eco-friendly with the boxes you need by buying those someone else has collected. Places like will sell you the boxes you need, and you might even save some money as you help the environment.

Use Recyclable Totes

We mentioned before about reusable plastic totes and how they work great for a move. But you can also rent totes from companies that you send back after the move. While they are available not in all parts of the country yet, check and see if this is an option for your move.

Make a Move in As Fewer Trips As Possible

While you might be able to pack your car full and help with the move, those 20 trips are not going to be very eco-friendly. Instead, it might make more sense to rent a van or hire a company to do the moving for you. It’s better for the environment and much less headache for you.

With planning and a little effort, you can make your move an eco-friendly and pleasant experience. And please don’t hesitate to contact Brothers Moving & Storagefor a free quote on your next move.