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Are you planning to move within the DFW area? You may be buying a house, moving closer to family, or relocating for a job. Maybe you’re just ready for a different neighborhood with better schools, less crime, or better amenities.

Relocating is frequently ranked as the most stressful life event. Professional Dallas moving help is a great investment to make your move faster, easier, and less stressful without the physically demanding work. Don’t assume movers in DFW will break your budget: affordable movers in Dallas give you the personalized help you need at a price you can afford.

How much does a moving company cost? Dallas local movers charge an hourly rate. Your total cost will depend on how long your relocation takes. That makes it easy to get the help you need within your budget by handling tasks you can do yourself and letting the experts take over the rest.

Here’s what you need to know to estimate the cost of moving in Dallas. Keep in mind this is a guide to local moves usually defined as relocations within 25 to 100 miles. Moving within the DFW area is usually classified as a local move with an hourly rate and the same crew completing your relocation same-day. Long-distance moves such as moving from Dallas to Houston or out-of-state typically have flat-rate pricing.

7 Factors Affecting Dallas Moving Costs

Because local relocations are done by hourly movers, Dallas moving costs are mostly determined by how long your move takes. These are the biggest factors that affect your moving company price but keep in mind there may be other factors. For instance, you may want additional moving insurance or packing supplies.

How Far Is Your Move?

When you request a Dallas moving quote, the first thing you will need to provide is the origin and destination addresses. The distance between your current and future home determines if your move is local with hourly pricing or long-distance. You will pay the same hourly rate for travel time too.

How much are movers in Dallas

When Are You Moving?

A commonly overlooked but crucial factor in estimating the cost to hire movers is the dates you are moving and the season.

DFW local movers often have higher rates during peak moving season, or April to September. Rates are lower during the winter and early spring when far fewer people are moving.

You will also pay higher moving rates during the weekends and at the very start and end of the month due to high demand.

What Are You Moving?

Dallas TX movers will need to know the volume of your belongings and the type of items you are moving to estimate your moving cost. You will get the most accurate estimate if you can provide a complete inventory of your belongings or have an in-person assessment.

As you can imagine, the more you are moving, the longer it will take and the more hours you will be charged.

Keep in mind it isn’t just volume that matters: certain items require extra care, specialized equipment, or additional movers. This includes heavy items, large furniture, large glass items, fragile belongings or antiques, and pianos.

Depending on the items, you may request custom crating to make sure cherished items are not damaged. You may also opt for furniture assembly/disassembly. These services will add time and cost to your relocation.

How Many Movers Do You Need?

The best movers in Dallas will work with you to determine the right size crew for your relocation. This is an important factor as more movers mean a higher hourly rate but a faster, more efficient moving day.

A standard moving rate typically includes two movers. Adding extra will increase the hourly rate.

By choosing the right number of local movers, you can keep your moving costs down and get settled in faster.

How Accessible Is Your Home?

Consider how much time it will take for the crew to carry items out of your home and onto the truck. It may not seem like it, but the time spent moving between the home and truck can definitely add up!

If you are moving into/out of a townhouse or house, will the truck be able to pull up to the front of the house or will it need to park on the street or end of a driveway? Does your home have stairs or is it single-story?

If you are moving an apartment, many factors can speed up or slow down your move. Stairs are physically draining for movers, but they are faster than elevators. The floor you are on and how close you are to the stairs or elevator must be considered. There may be unique building rules and challenges as well such as service elevator time that must be booked or the use of a loading dock.

Do You Need Packing Services?

For most people, packing is the most stressful part of relocating and the most time-consuming! Full-service moving companies in Dallas can handle all or some of the packing to save you time, energy, and worry. Packing services are typically offered at the same hourly rate plus materials.

Full packing services can significantly increase your moving costs. A good compromise is partial packing. You can handle the packing you’re comfortable doing yourself and let the Dallas professional movers take over the rest. The crew will use the right materials and techniques to make sure your belongings are safe for the trip ahead. It’s definitely worth the added cost for fragile, high-value, sentimental, or difficult-to-pack items!

Do You Need Storage?

Finally, consider whether you need storage before, during, or after your relocation. Short-term or long-term storage can be included in your Dallas movers quote and it’s usually more affordable and far more convenient than self-storage. You won’t need to move twice and your belongings will be stored securely and delivered to you when you are ready for them.

Reasons to Hire Professional Movers vs DIY Moving

Is it worth it to hire movers? Moving yourself is definitely cheaper – assuming nothing valuable is damaged and you are not injured. However, the price difference isn’t as big as you may think, especially if you opt for only Dallas moving labor (not including the truck and transportation), pack yourself, or settle on partial packing services.

Movers by the hour make it easy to get the exact level of help you need while staying within your budget. Here’s why the Dallas moving company cost is worth it.

  • Experienced movers use specialized equipment, the right supplies, and expertise to anticipate hurdles, reduce the risk of damage, and move efficiently
  • Your moving day will be carried out according to a plan for a fast, easy experience
  • Professional packers mean your belongings are less likely to be damaged
  • You do not need to do heavy lifting or bending
  • You will not need to rent or drive a large commercial moving truck on congested Dallas roads
  • There’s less worry and stress with optional services like unpacking that have you set up in your new home same-day
  • You can save hundreds of hours on planning, packing, loading, and unloading

How Much Are Movers in Dallas? | Average Costs & Dallas Movers Quote

How much is a moving company? To estimate your Dallas moving costs, you can simply estimate how long your move will take based on the number of movers.

The hourly mover rate you pay depends on the company, services, season, and number of movers. However, the national average is $25 to $50 per hour.

You can contact relocation companies in Dallas, Texas for a quoted hourly rate. This rate should include a specific number of movers and there may be a minimum number of hours. Additional movers will have a higher rate.

With this quoted rate in mind, you can estimate your total cost.

How much does it cost to move a house in Dallas?

House movers in Dallas usually need 4-7 hours with a team of four movers for smaller homes. The average cost to move a 4 bedroom house will be much higher: expect a team of 4-5 movers to take 9 to 12 or more hours.

How much does it cost to move a one-bedroom apartment in Dallas?

A studio or one-bed apartment typically takes 3-6 hours with a crew of two movers. That means you can estimate the average cost to move a one bedroom apartment by multiplying the standard mover rate by 4 or 5.

How much do movers cost for a 2 bedroom apartment?

A two-bedroom apartment will need about six hours with a team of three movers. The hourly rate will be higher than a one-bedroom apartment but it will take about the same amount of time.

How to Save Money on Dallas Moving Services

  • Donate or sell anything you do not want to pay to move.
  • Handle the prep work and packing you can by yourself. This can include some packing, disconnecting appliances, removing furniture legs, and wrapping up appliance cords and controllers.
  • If you can, place boxes and items near the garage or front door. This reduces the number of trips up and down stairs!
  • Flexibility with the day and time when you book movers can help you secure the lowest rates. You’ll save money moving on a weekday instead of a weekend.
  • Be ready for the movers to arrive. Packing should be done except for what the movers are arriving to pack. Do not try to save tasks for the very last minute.

Choosing the Best DFW Moving Company

Don’t make the mistake of prioritizing cost above everything else when hiring local Dallas moving services. Here is what you should look for to avoid worst-case scenarios like hidden charges, damaged items, and delays.

  • Licensed and insured
  • Positive reviews from past customers
  • Years of experience
  • Low claims rate
  • Dedicated trucks and specialized equipment
  • Background checked, uniformed, and trained movers
  • No concerning FMCSA or BBB complaints
  • Services you need such as packing or storage
  • Honest rates with no hidden fees

Brothers Moving & Storage was founded to deliver honest, dependable moving solutions. As a National Van Lines agent, we have earned hundreds of positive reviews and a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and great customer care. We have served more than 10,000 customers in our 10-year history with more than 3.2 million miles moved!

Tips for Moving in Dallas

Feeling overwhelmed with your upcoming relocation? These tips can reduce the stress of moving day!

  • Moving apps and buy/sell apps can help you stay organized, sell or give away items, and keep an inventory of what you’re packing.
  • Keep a moving binder handy to store important documents related to your relocation like receipts, contracts, estimates, leases, school records, checklists, and vet records.
  • Transfer or set up utilities about a week before move-in. You will want at least the water and electricity on before move-in.
  • If you want to tip the movers, a good rule of thumb is $25 per mover or $5 per mover per hour.
  • Download our free Ultimate Moving Checklist to stay on top of the move!

Ready for an efficient and worry-free moving day? Call the 5-star Dallas movers at Brothers Moving & Storage today for a free, affordable estimate!