Last Updated on: 29th March 2023, 08:18 pm

Moving is stressful. So much so that it frequently ends up on lists like “most stressful life events”. There are many things that can make moving stressful from packing and cleaning to scheduling and cost. To help ease some of the stress of your next move, here are a few tips to help you set and stay on budget for your next move:


Calculate the Standard Costs

When you are moving there are many costs that are fixed and predictable that need to be included in your budget. These include:

  • Final bills at your current residence (including any lease termination fees or charges that won’t be covered by a deposit if renting, as well as outstanding utility bills)
  • Deposits/move-in fees/ pet fees at your new residence if renting or escrow costs if buying
  • Utility service deposits
  • Truck/pod rental or moving company fees


Don’t Forget the Miscellaneous Expenses

While making your house move-in ready before you move out is standard practice, many people forget to budget for the associated expenses. Whether you hire a professional to clean and landscape your house or do it yourself, you should anticipate spending some of your budget on preparing your current residence. Some of the expenses you should be ready for are:

  • Cleaning, including carpet cleaning
  • Repairs and replacement parts (if you are renting you could be charged for any unfixed damages, even burnt out light bulbs, plus the cost of labor)
  • Landscaping

If your move will include substantial travel be sure to include the cost of gas, hotel stays, and food.


Prepare for the Unexpected

It’s always smart to set aside extra money for incidentals. If you are doing a long-distance move you should probably account for any car troubles. Also, be ready for any repairs or cleaning that may need to be done at your new location.


Bring in the Professionals

You’ve got enough to worry about during your move. Let us take care of some of it for you. At Brother’s Moving and Storage, our team of qualified professionals securely packs your belongings and quickly gets them to your new destination so you can focus on everything else. Contact us today for a quote and let us take the pain out of your move.