Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 10:02 pm

Helllloooo, August! As summer starts winding down, it’s time to start thinking about going back to school. If you’re planning on attending a university this fall, we’re sharing our tips on setting up your first place in our college moving guide.

Choose Your Roommate Wisely

Being friends with someone and living with someone are two totally separate things. Before choosing a college roommate, be sure to ask certain questions:

  • What time to you like to get up/go to sleep?
  • Do you have any special dietary restrictions or allergies?
  • How tidy/messy are you?
  • What is your class schedule?
  • Do you have any pets or do you want any?
  • Are you more social or more introverted?
  • Do you drink/smoke?
  • How do you prefer to handle conflict?
  • How do you envision sharing bills/our space?

Vetting potential roommates ahead of time can help save a lot of headache and heartache later. Just remember that no one will ever be exactly like you. However, it’s important to share some commonalities.

What Should You Bring?

First of all, check with your dorm to find out any restrictions. Some communities don’t allow hot plates, open flames, or other “dangerous” materials. However, we’re sharing a short list of the basic items to get you through:

Bedroom – Linens, pillows, lamps, power strip, mattress cover, storage, laundry hamper, dry erase board with markers, and clothing hangers.

Bathroom – Show shoes, bathroom, shower caddy, toiletries, and a set of towels (bath towel, washcloths)

Kitchen – Dish set (dinner plate, salad plate, bowl), eating utensils, water bottles/coffee mugs, electric kettle, microwave (if allowed), mini-fridge, and, most importantly, snacks

Cleaning Supplies – Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dust remover, cleaning spray/wipes, handheld vacuum, paper towels, and air freshener

Other Essentials – Backpack, gym bag, umbrella, decorative wall items, and floor rug.

Other Tips

  • Obviously there will be additional items that you will need to purchase. Be sure to see the shape and size of your dorm before going on a spending spree.
  • Try not to accumulate too much stuff. Remember, at most, you will likely only be living in this place for a school year.
  • Choose functionality over aesthetics. Though an Instagram-worthy room is always your end goal, try to find items that are useful, not just pretty.

Our last piece of advice doesn’t have a thing to do with moving: remember to call your parents regularly…not just when you need something. They’ll appreciate it.

Best of luck to everyone starting school this fall. If you need a moving company, don’t forget that Brothers offers free quotes.