Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 10:07 pm

It’s hard to believe that it’s already Thanksgiving! In keeping with the spirit of making the lives and the moves of our customers easier, we’re sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving hacks to make your holiday a breeze.

De-Stress About Your Holiday With These Thanksgiving Hacks

Tote the Extras

Use a plastic storage tote or a sturdy moving box to hold your dried good, unrefrigerated produce (like potatoes), and canned items before the big day. It keeps these ingredients separated from the remainder of your pantry and off of your countertops.

Clean Out Your Fridge

Though you should do this frequently, the upcoming holiday season is a great opportunity to deep clean your fridge. If you’ve got condiments and other rarely used (but still can’t throw away) items, toss them in an iced cooler. They’ll still be cold, but they won’t take up coveted shelf space.

Carve Out Some Time for Prep Work

Instead of slicing and dicing Thanksgiving morning, take the time to do as much as possible the day before. Chopping produce, mixing dry goods for baking, and other prep work takes a ton of time – too much time when you’re on a tight schedule. When you get it all ready the day before, you’re able to focus more on the task at hand. This also works great if you’re making your own pie dough, too.

Put Your Kitchen Tools to Work

Instead of sweltering over a boiling pot of water for potatoes, consider popping them in your slow cooker. Plug in the appliance in your laundry room or other seldom-used area to cook your potatoes to the perfect temp for mashing. Your slow cooker is also ideal for baking sweet potatoes, yummy casseroles, and even hot drinks, like apple cider.

Take It To-Go

Purchase a boatload of inexpensive plastic to-go containers so guests can take home leftovers. Paper plates, even the high quality brands, can leak. Look to your local dollar store for steals on plasticware to go.

Get Kudos for the Kids’ Table

Set up a creativity station for all of the kiddos at your event. Use printable Thanksgiving coloring pages, set up games, and even consider creating a entertainment center filled with kid-friendly holiday movies. It’s a great way to keep little minds occupied.

The Brothers team wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to call us for all of your moving needs – we think of you like family!