Last Updated on: 30th March 2023, 09:31 pm

Moving during the winter provides it’s own specific set of issues that movers often don’t account for. Make sure you’re prepared for a winter move by abiding by these 5 helpful tips for winter moving:

1. Check the Weather… Then Check It Again

We all know how unpredictable the weather, and even weather forecasts, can be. Don’t let weather be the reason you have a tough time moving. Be prepared for snow, sleet, or hail and weatherproof specific items as needed. If you need to, don’t be afraid to ask your moving company for a reschedule due to weather.

2. Keep Your Pets Warm

Whether it means asking a friend to watch them or paying to board them, make sure your pets are both warm and safe. Moving means lots of open doors and outside air, so animals in your home who are used to the warmth and comfort may have a hard time with the near-constant drafts.

3. Create a Path

If snow or ice has built up along the path from your front door to the street, make sure you’ve cleared the way. It’s safer, and you’ll be more likely to get the job done fast. Snow should be shoveled and salt poured if ice is starting to build up, ensuring safety for everyone involved in the move.

4. Have Utilities Turned On

In both your old and new home, make sure the utilities (like heat) are turned on and working properly. That way, you can have a safe haven from the bitter cold no matter which side of the move you’re on.

5. Cover Your Floors

Snow and ice means shoes covered in water and dirt, so make sure you’ve covered your floors to prevent any damage to carpet or hardwood. This will come in handy while you do the final clean of the old place, plus you’ll want to ensure your new floors aren’t dirty when you move in!

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